Pullman High School: Then to Now

Photo Credit: wabikes.org, 2013

As many of you know, the Pullman High School that we attend today was not the same as the one previous PHS students attended. Our high school has gone through drastic changes to become the building we learn in five times a week.

For those who remember, the old Pullman High School building was a very worn down structure. According to nacarchitecture.com, the “existing facility suffered from substantial functional, energy, code and safety deficiencies, with 80 doors in multiple buildings.” This year’s juniors and seniors may recall walking outside the unfinished new high school and into the old math and science wing to get to class. Some may also remember having to walk through one classroom to get to another. For those who already graduated, it must have been a tough feat to navigate to all their classes freshman year.

Photo Credit: nacarchitecture.com, 2018

Thankfully, in October 2014, Garco Construction started the work of transforming the old high school into the new, upscale building. According to garco.com, the main challenge was to keep a fully operational and occupied high school while the construction was taking place. Many past and current Pullman High School students may remember the sounds of construction during their math test and the cramped feel of the temporary classrooms set up in the auxiliary gym. However, with thorough planning, Garco Construction and NAC architecture were able to accomplish their goal and substantially finish the over 200,000 square feet building by May 19th, 2017. Packed with updated technology and glass windows that allow the natural light to brighten the inside of the school, the newer building was a huge upgrade from the old one. It has even received an AIA Honor Reward for its design. Although the old high school may have held many warm memories, our current high school is well-suited to be the new home for the Greyhounds.