It’s Hunting Season!

Photo Credit: Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Near the beginning of every football season, Pullman faces off against its closest rival: Moscow. Since the 1950s, Pullman and Moscow have had an intense rivalry, strengthened by their less than ten mile proximity across state lines. While this game has traditionally inspired rowdy behavior on both sides of the border, many hope to have a clean game this year, and Pullman hopes to have a repeat of its decisive victory achieved last year, the final score of which reading 38-7.

For the Pullman head coach of two years, David Cofer, the football game against Moscow brings back memories of his days as a member of the Pullman High School football team he now coaches. He describes listening to a radio broadcast during a team dinner, in which: “a bunch of Moscow guys got on and started calling us out individually and telling us what they were going to do,” Cofer recalls. “I just remember getting so fired up in that moment that we ended up beating them 28-0” (Moscow-Pullman Daily News).

This Friday, at 7:00 pm, the Greyhounds will face off against the Bears at Hobbs’ Field. Students of Pullman High School are prepared to show their school spirit, as many have planned to sport camouflage in the stands to represent the start of “Hunting Season” on the Bears. Pullman will also be hosting a tailgate on Friday before the game from 5:30-6:30 pm in the back of the high school parking lot that will include pizza, music, and a raffle for the best seat in the house at the next home game. Students can enter in the raffle by showing their ASB card and signing up. The winner of the raffle will be unveiled during halftime, so if you choose to enter, be sure to stick around! Surely, this game will be one to remember.

(Photo credit: The Daily Evergreen)